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History movies are either about a significant historical figure or a famous event in history, such as a battle. It is often assumed that any movie set in the past can be classified as a historical genre, but this is not the case – what matters is the portrayal of real historical events. The roots of the genre are in literature: in many ways, historical movies can be considered the screen analog of historical novels. The founder of the genre is considered the English writer Walter Scott. “History,” as Cicero said two thousand years ago, “is the teacher of life. In a popular interpretation, this means that knowledge of the past will help avoid mistakes in the future. Everything repeats itself, and at the same time nothing stays the same. History and movies about the past tell us about the similarities and differences between the past and the present. Downloading a torrent of history movies is not worthwhile for gaining knowledge of history, but it can be useful for understanding the mass representation of past events. Although historical projects always hire historical consultants, few movies can boast of accuracy and consistency with scientific data. The main thing in movies is the image. The best historical movies do not tell about the events of history, but interpret them and tell more about the present than about the past. And they often create an image that is more enduring than scholarly history books. You can find a list of the best history movies on yify-movie.top and download the torrent for free.
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