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Dragons, swords, magic, beautiful ladies, noble knights – the basic elements of the fantasy genre have passed from literature to fantasy movies. The founder of the genre is considered John R.R. Tolkien, who wrote The Lord of the Rings and was the first to process mythological and folkloric motifs in a modern interpretation. The main challenge for Tolkien was to create a world similar in many ways to the Middle Ages, but completely independent and internally coherent. Fantasy movies are similar to historical adventures, only with the addition of magical elements and unusual creatures – dwarves, elves, orcs. Fantasy is somewhere between fantasy and fairy tale. Unlike fantasy movies, fantasy does not explain the mechanism of miracles, they are a basic component of the world, like the laws of nature. Unlike fairy tales, these laws exist and in the created world must work in a consistent manner. The list of the best fantasy movies is constantly growing. In an era when cinema is leaning toward the role of visual attraction, the fantasy genre allows for a world that strikes the imagination. Fantasy movies require large budgets, and they always feature a lot of computer graphics, spectacular action scenes, and unusual plastic makeup. You can download fantasy movies free torrent in our selection on
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